Case Titan Floater Pack version 26.08.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Case Titan Floater Pack

Case Titan Floater Pack - This model set includes two self-propelled chassis. One has 4 wheels and the other has 3 wheels. And also in the kit there are three modules to choose from on its chassis, this is a fertilizer spreader and fertilizer sprayers.

Modpack for agricultural machinery Case Titan Floater Pack is made in mobile FS 23. You can download it for free on your smartphone.

Mod for agricultural machinery has:
- Self-propelled Case Titan 3040 (3540 Floater);
- Self-propelled Case Titan 4040 (4540 Floater);
- Module Case FA 810 Air Boom;
- Case 610 Liquid System module;
- Module Case Dry Box L4000G4 (rebranded New Leader);
- The cost of each technique in the game, about 99999 euros virtual.

Download mod 1 | 66.08 MB Download mod 2 | 66.08 MB

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