What to do on the FS 23 farm and where to start farming?

FS 23 Mobile Mods What to do on the FS 23 farm and where to start farming?

If you don’t know what to do when starting your mobile farm, then first you need to determine what you want to do on the farm. You can choose one of three types of activities.

In agriculture, you will have to grow grain crops and fodder. In addition to this, livestock farming is essential, which is indispensable in agriculture and vice versa. Because agriculture grows animal feed in the fields.

And forestry in the game FS 23 is a separate topic! You can simply cut down the forest and send it for sale, or you can make all sorts of products from it that will be useful on the farm. But you also need to plant tree seedlings over time so that they grow into larger ones.


Classic farming is the basis of Farm Simulator 23. In the beginning, you will have some equipment to begin cultivating the land. Every day on the farm is busy, and growing different crops only adds to the work.


At the beginning of the game, there are chickens on all maps, but don't worry: if you ignore them, they will only stop producing anything. That is, planting eggs, and this is their basis in the chicken coop.
You can also buy barns for cows, sheep, pigs and horses.


Logging is profitable, although not as varied as farming, and operating logging equipment requires special skills and a lot of money.

Where to start your mobile farm?

Farm Simulator 23 Mobile has a completely open world with no set goals, so you can start from anywhere. If you have already chosen what to do on the farm, then start with this. Your goal: earn money, buy big equipment and build your dream farm.

— If you are looking for classic farming, look at the price menu: which crops cost more, and what time of year is best to sell them.
— If you want to breed animals, read about them in the help section.
— If you like forestry, then there is a section for that too.

Shop and workshop

You can repair agricultural equipment in the workshop, and buy new ones in the store. The Farming Simulator 23 store offers a small fleet of machines and tractors from which you can choose your favorite and suitable equipment. Fortunately, there are all kinds of mods from users that can be downloaded for free and installed into the game without much effort.

Purchasing new tools and equipment

The FS 23 Mobile store has everything for farming, and the range is divided into two sets of tabs. The "Brands" tab shows all the brands of vehicles in the game. There are several categories on the "Techniques and Tools" tab.


All your purchases appear in front of your local store. You will see two glowing icons: one is a store, the second is a workshop. If you park the car in the right place near the workshop, it can be sold directly at a higher price.

Starter Equipment for a Farming Career

For a successful agricultural career you need the following machines:
— A tractor, but remember that each tool, for example a plow, requires its own power. It will be difficult to use the tool on an insufficiently powerful tractor.
— Cultivator for preparing the field for sowing.
— Seeder and seeds to fill it.
— Herbicide sprayer to remove weeds.
— Fertilizer distributor for fertilizing the soil in the field.
— A combine harvester with a corresponding header. It is recommended to start with grain because it is suitable for many crops.
— Trailer for transporting crops to points of sale. It is advisable to take a grain truck.

Over time, you will succeed in developing your mobile career in 2023. Compared to the previous Farming Simulator, this one has seasons and a wide choice in starting a farming career. This also includes forestry and animal husbandry, and the most basic is the cultivation of crops in agriculture (grains and feed).

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