Seasons on the FS 23 farm, AI workers and transport of movable goods

FS 23 Mobile Mods Seasons on the FS 23 farm, AI workers and transport of movable goods

Mobile Farm 23 has adopted all the potential and innovations from Farming Simulator 2022. Well, almost all of it! The same changing days, and especially the seasons in the place with which the weather changes. They also influence the farmer’s environment and his plans.

Additional crops that include grapes and olives to grow. Special equipment, and all modern brands and technologies.

That is, today the mobile farm FS 23 is the best entertaining simulator for farming. Unlike previous versions, this one has animals and enterprises with production facilities.

Seasons on the farm

Seasons have appeared in the mobile Farm Simulator, which added realism to the game. It’s like the seasons change in life, and there’s also a time for everything to harvest and plant seeds. Despite the fact that olives and grapes are harvested only in the autumn.

Visual effects

As the seasons progress, the game will change visually. Leaves will appear on the trees, they will turn yellow in the fall, and in winter there will be no leaves left at all.

Weather forecast

The weather forecast will affect your farming plans. It will vary throughout the season.

You can harvest in the rain, but then you will only harvest half. But not everyone, grains are generally prohibited from being collected during rain, and wet ones are not recommended.

The weather forecast icon is in the upper right corner. If two weather icons are displayed at the same time, the one on the right represents the next six hours.

AI workers on your farm

The farm is always full of things to do, and you can hire workers to help you. To do this, while sitting in your car, click on the assistant icon and the “Active Worker” window will open.

In this window, you can come up with a task, and then click the “give work” button. In the menu that opens, you can select what type of task to issue.

There are several tasks in the FS 23 game: “Go”, “Load and Deliver”, “Deliver” and “Work in the Field”. The AI worker will complete all these tasks without any problems.

The "Deliver" and "Load and Deliver" tasks can only be taken if the vehicle has a trailer or its own tank. You need to prepare all this.

By selecting a vehicle and tasks, you can specify a goal. Click on the map to show the employee where to go, and when the car gets there and parks, you can correct its location.

“Go” tasks are the simplest: they send a worker to a specific point on the map.

“Field work” sends a worker to harvest or cultivate a field. Remember that the right tools must be attached to do this.

On the “Deliver” task, you need to take the loaded products to the unloading station. The appropriate station must be selected from the menu. Such a task can be looped, and then the worker will carry the load until he can no longer do it.

The “Load and Deliver” task consists of several parts: first, the worker fills the car with the desired products at the selected loading station, then you can select the unloading station where to take the cargo. And finally, the task can be looped, and then the employee will do it until the selected product runs out.

If tasks cannot be completed, then there will be a red exclamation mark and messages next to it. When you've set everything up, click the "Get Started" button. And then your hired employee will complete the prepared task without any problems.

In the task you can see the list of workers who are doing it and what exactly they are doing at the moment.

Transportation of movable goods

Transportation of movable loads always involves securing them with fastening belts. And when transporting grain, be sure to cover the body with an awning; it will protect from rain and snow, as well as road dust.


The pallets can be taken to a point of sale or to a pallet warehouse on the farm. For transportation, you need a telescopic or forklift, and to make the task easier, you can use auto-loading.


It is recommended to transport bales using a bale loader; this is an almost automatic operation. He loads the bales onto the platform himself, without any forklift.


To transport and sell the harvested crop, you need a tractor and trailer. Most trailers can transport any bulk products. The store will indicate whether the trailer is suitable for transporting certain products.


To transport equipment and tools to the farm, buy a truck with a low loader (like a trailer). Be sure to secure the equipment being transported with seat belts.

AI assistant technologies will perform any given work in your pocket farm. FS 23 is the best mobile game today.

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