Sip SK 80/S version 21.10.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Sip SK 80/S

Two Sip SK 80/S models for the FS 23 farm.

Brief description of the mod on the model:
- Two options, with little difference;
- Purchase a cleaning unit for 2500 euros;
- There is a tow hitch for trailers;
- Requires about 40 hp. from the power take-off shaft;
- Cuts corn and grinds it into silage, throwing it into the body;
- Cleaning speed 8 km/h with one meter width.

A mod of a trailed combine for harvesting corn for silage is made into the game FS 23 Mobile. Consumes 29 kW of power from the tractor, from the power take-off shaft.

Download mod 1 | 8.53 MB Download mod 2 | 8.53 MB

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