Gomselmash FS8060 version 05.06.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Gomselmash FS8060

Download harvester Gomselmash FS8060 and install FS 23 Mobile into the game. Needed during forage season.

On the choice of motor power with different sound, this is FS8060-650HP and FS650-650 HP

The choice of configuration: design color, choice of wheels, tinting.

Characteristics of the Gomselmash FS8060 combine in the game FS23: cost 350,000 dollars, max. speed 40 km/h.

Characteristics of the KVK-02 header in the game FS23: cost 80,000 dollars, required power 580 hp. (combine has enough), working width 6.0 m, max. working speed 10 km/h.

Download mod 1 | 23.93 MB Download mod 2 | 23.93 MB

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