John Deere 4940 version 24.09.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods John Deere 4940

The John Deere 4940 self-propelled chassis allows you to install a sprayer with an arch or a solid fertilizer spreader body. Before heading out to spray the fields, you need to fill the 587-liter fuel tank completely.

Features of Fertilizer Applying Machine:
- Foldable arch up to 36 meters of grip;
- On the hood it says 4940 (this is the model);
- The cost of the self-propelled chassis is 195,000 euros;
- The price for the first module is 84990, and for the second 48000 euros;
- Engine power output is about 340 horsepower;
- The capacity of the fertilizer tank is 4542 liters;
- Operating speed range from 0 to 35 km/h;
- The speed of movement in transport form will reach 52 km/h.

A mod has been made of the John Deere 4940 self-propelled chassis for spraying FS 23 Mobile fields.

Download mod 1 | 39.02 MB Download mod 2 | 39.02 MB

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