SK-6 Kolos version 18.10.23 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods SK-6 Kolos

The SK-6 Kolos combine model gives the atmosphere of the Soviet era in the game Farming 2023 Mobile.

Characteristics of the combine model:
- Before leaving for cleaning, you need to fill the tank with 300 liters of diesel fuel;
- The maximum transportation speed increases to 19 km/h;
- Storage hopper for 3000 liters of grain (wheat, barley, sunflower);
- The cost of the combine is 46,300 rubles in Soviet times (and in the game);
- Usually the color is red, even slightly rusty.

A mod for the SK-6 Kolos model was made into the FS 2023 mobile farm. It looks quite high quality, and there should even be three harvesting headers.

Download mod 1 | 30.03 MB Download mod 2 | 30.03 MB

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