Niva SK-5 Pak10 version 14.03.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Niva SK-5 Pak10

Soviet harvesting machine for the owner's fields FS 23. Gives its own time to the atmosphere.

Niva SK-5 Pak10 has models:
- Six headers (regular, corn and sunflower);
- PPK-4 header, which is for harvesting corn;
- Special trailer-van for straw;
- Harvesting machine SK-5 Niva;
- Trolley for headers.

The archive mod has a file “storeitems.txt”, there are ten lines needed to be entered into the code. When installing Niva SK-5 Pak10 into the game FS 23!

Download mod 1 | 46.58 MB Download mod 2 | 46.58 MB

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