Case IH Axial Flow 2100 Series version 08.02.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Case IH Axial Flow 2100 Series

The mod has eight models of agricultural equipment for harvesting. That is, three combines, reapers and two transport carts.

Agricultural machinery modpack:
- Axial-Flow 1400/1600/2100 combines;
- Headers IH 1030 Cutter-20/18/regular;
- Trolleys IH 1030 20FT.

Made Case IH Axial Flow 2100 Series reapers and combines for the FS 23 to harvest grain crops. The kit includes a file storeitems.txt, which contains registration of these same eight models for the store.

Among the minuses, there is a small baganna texture on the Axial-Flow 2100 combine model. I couldn’t fix it because I don’t know how!

Download mod 1 | 57.21 MB Download mod 2 | 57.21 MB

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Recommended Ford F-750
Recommended Palesse GS16
Recommended Tatra 805 Kacena
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