Honda S2000 FF2 GDNfix version 07.04.24 – Mod FS 23 Mobile (

FS 23 Mobile Mods Honda S2000 FF2 GDNfix

Tuned Honda S2000 FF2 for racing in Farming Simulator 23.

- Working instruments with backlight;
- Animation of the steering wheel and wheel control;
- Lights and light indicators are functioning;
- Speeds about two hundred km/h;
- Pink livery covers the entire body;
- Specially selected wheels;
- Neon lights.

I made a new mod for FS 23, it is similar to the car in the second Fast and the Furious. In the film, a Honda S2000 cuts through Sushi, and this car seems to be one of the most stylish and elegant in the second part, especially since, in addition to its innate characteristics, it also acquired a pumped-up engine.

Download mod 1 | 9.09 MB Download mod 2 | 9.09 MB

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