KrAZ 255B version 26.02.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods KrAZ 255B

As it moves, marks and dust appear, this is a model truck. I made a mod of the Soviet truck tractor KrAZ 255B for the game Farming Simulator 19.

Store configurations:
- Selection of primary color;
- Choice of design color;
- Select disc color;
- Design selection;
- Choice of wheels (road, swamp);
- Engine selection (YaMZ-238, YaMZ-6585-04).

- The model gets dirty;
- Lights and appliances are functioning;
- Two KrAZ 255B trucks in the store;
- Animations: suspension, cardans, mudguards.

Changes v26.02.19:
- Added animation of the front suspension;
- Improved animation of the rear suspension;
- Replaced some textures;
- Replaced some 3D models and canisters;
- Added the ability to move the fifth wheel;
- New design options, now you can remove not only the spare wheel, but also the rear fenders;
- Added another type of wheel, with a higher suspension and greater travel.

Download mod 1 | 106 MB Download mod 2 | 106 MB

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