Information on the map, AI assistant and manual work on the FS 19 farm

FS 19 Mods Information on the map, AI assistant and manual work on the FS 19 farm

When playing the FS 19 farm, you have the opportunity to hire an AI assistant who will carry out the assigned task while working in the field.

But small work on the farm, such as cutting branches, lifting a canister and a bucket of water. That is, moving small objects and securing loads with straps - you do not need an assistant.

Picking up objects

Small debris such as twigs can be collected by hand and discarded.

If an item can be picked up, a hand icon will appear on the screen when you aim at it.

Fastening straps

Heavy cargo, such as trees or bales, must be securely secured before transport. On some trucks, the load can be securely secured with straps.

Once the truck is loaded, you can secure all the straps directly from the cab. Or you can secure each strap manually by standing at the side of the truck next to the load. The light green outline will show where you can attach the belt.

Computer hire

You can hire a computer-controlled assistant for the following tasks:
- cultivation;
- sowing work;
- harvesting;
- dispersion of fertilizers;
- mowing;
- tedding;
- swathing.

A hired worker is indicated on the mini-map by a small hexagon and a letter.

Having finished cultivating the field, the assistant will stop on its own.

The hired assistant needs to be paid money while he is active.
You can keep several hirelings at once, but watch how much they ask for work!

AI assistant: useful tips

Tips for making the best use of assistants:
- force them to start work from the corner of the field;
- make sure there are no obstacles in their way;
- do not send too many workers on one field;
- if the task concerns grass, make sure to send an assistant to the fields.

Weather forecast

The weather also affects your success in the game. During a hurricane or rain, you won’t be able to work in the field and will have to wait until it stops.

Follow the weather forecast using the icon in the upper right corner of the screen. If two weather icons are displayed at the same time, the one on the right gives a forecast of what awaits you within six hours.


The train is available to you just like other equipment, but does not require maintenance costs. With its help you can transport significant volumes of products.

To load or unload the train, you will need a crane. Please note: in the FS 19 farm, livestock cannot be transported by train; use an animal trailer.

Map overview: explanations

To check the status of fields, use the map view.
This will allow you to see:
- types of crops in each field;
- condition of crops;
- soil composition.

In addition, the viewing mode can be changed for each field separately.

Map overview: icons

On this page you can also see your equipment.
Click on the desired icon to:
- reset the status of stuck machines and tools;
- move equipment or visit the area;
- install the beacon at the desired point.

1. Tractors, trucks and cars.
2. Harvesting machines.
3. Dump trucks, tanks, trailers.
4. Cultivators, plows and tedders.
5. Unloading points and point of sale.
6. Contracts of carriage and delivery points.
7. Main buildings and places.

FS 19 modifications

Farming Simulator can be modified to your liking using custom modifications (mods). They can significantly affect the gameplay, making it easier or more realistic. With their help, you can add new machines and tools, or even completely new maps.

To view the available mods, go to the corresponding section of the main menu of the FS 19 game.

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