GAZ 59037 All-terrain vehicle version 20.02.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods GAZ 59037 All-terrain vehicle

Mod all-terrain vehicle GAZ 59037 for Mudrunner, more precisely modernized BTR-80. The mod archive is already prepared for installation with the SpinTiresMod.exe script!

GAZ-59037 equipment has all-wheel drive in motion. The game has its own engine sounds and several addons. You can carry cargo in the form of equipment for the trip.

Improvement of GAZ 59037 v1.1:
- Removed the garage parts from the watch;
- Added parts of the garage the second version (one person);
- Cargo of the third type also looks like a passenger.

Download mod 1 | 109 MB Download mod 2 | 109 MB

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