Briefly about Farming Simulator (FS19) products while playing your virtual farm

FS 19 Mods Briefly about Farming Simulator (FS19) products while playing your virtual farm

Farming Simulator (FS19) allows you to produce a lot of different things. To help you not miss anything, we have created this quick reference.

Cereals and Root Vegetables
Wheat, barley, rapeseed, corn, sunflowers, soybeans: all these crops can be harvested from the field when they are ripe.

Cotton and Sugar Cane

A special harvester is needed to harvest cotton and sugarcane. It is possible and recommended to use it from the Farming Simulator 2019 fleet, or download the mod of a special combine for FS 19.

Grass and Hay

Grass can be removed with a hay mower. And then collect it in a trailer (in various ways).
Hay is grass dried in a meadow with a tedder. It can be packed in bales, just like straw.

Straw and Chop

Straw is produced when wheat and barley are harvested if the right equipment is used.
Chopping can be done from wheat, barley, rapeseed and corn using a forage cutter (use self-propelled or trailed). Straw chaff is also obtained after a combine harvester, but it is sprayed across the field and serves as fertilizer for the next year.

Silo and MS (Monomix)

The silage is produced by fermentation of chaff in a silo collar. It can also be crafted by wrapping round (or square) bales of grass with a bale wrapper. Well, in turn, you need to wait for the fermentation of bales.
Monomix is made from hay, straw and silage. Each component should not be less than 25% and more than 75%. It will be the perfect animal feed for your FS 19 farm.


Liquid and dry fertilizers can be bought in a large tank or bag from the Farming Simulator 2019 store.
Digestate can be obtained by delivering the silo to the biogas plant. This is also a fertilizer for the fields.

Lime and Herbicides

Lime pallets can be bought in the store. And pallets of herbicides can also be bought in the same store, which is Farming Simulator 2019.

Manure and slurry

Manure is produced by cows and pigs if you provide them with fresh straw bedding.
Slurry is given simply by fed cows and pigs, those that are on your farm.

Logs and Chips

You get logs by cutting down a tree and clearing it of branches using a chainsaw or other tools.
Chips can be obtained by sending logs to the wood chipper. You can also chop poplars with a forage harvester. Of course, while the poplar is not large, and its trunk is not coarser than that of green corn.

Milk and Wool

Milk is provided by cows from your farm. Milk yields depend on how you handle them. The main thing is to drink and feed on time!
Sheep have enough grass, and they give wool (in exchange), which can be immediately sold.

Pigs and Chickens

Well-fed hens lay eggs. Pallets with eggs appear next to the chicken coop.
When pigs are happy, they breed. And at the same time they also produce manure. Pigs can be sold to a livestock dealer and receive income from this in the Farming Simulator (FS19) game.

Recommended 2PTS-4M-785A Trailer
Recommended YuMZ 6KL USSR
Recommended Map "Mountain Nightmare"
Recommended Dodge Ram 3500 Diesel
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