Firewood Processor And SellPoint version 01.04.22 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Firewood Processor And SellPoint

Firewood Processor And SellPoint is a mod for FS19 with a firewood receiving point. Trailed machine for receiving logs, with sawing and subsequent cutting into pieces (firewood).

Mod feature:
- Saw logs to a given length and split.
- In a set the placed point of sale of firewood;
- Accepts standard logs;
- Cut length: 35-70 cm.
- Options for dividing into two parts, 4 or 6;
- The size of the log of the entrance tree is from 8 m (2 - 6 meters with a self-loader), up to 300 mm;
- Important: the smaller the diameter of the log, the fewer splits you need to do (otherwise the wood will be lost!).

Download options:
1. Place the log at the receiving point with any loader;
2. Use the bootloader on the left side and click the download button;
3. Using autoload (park the car near a pile of logs and press the load button).

The current cut length and diameter are displayed in the F1 menu;
You can unload firewood with a belt (adjustable height);
All controls can be set in control settings.

o - Download tree log;
b - Cut a tree log;
v - Split tree log;
u - Start/stop firewood unloading;
AXIS_CRANE_ARM - setting the length of the cut;
z / lalt z - Move tree log forward/back;
AXIS_CRANE_ARM3 - set the separation diameter;
AXIS_CRANE_ARM2 - Raise/lower the unloading belt.

Download mod 1 | 25.44 MB Download mod 2 | 25.44 MB

Recommended Deutz Serie 9 MH-Edition
Recommended Challenger MT 900 Series
Recommended 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
Recommended Dniester 9357-02
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