KamAZ 54101 Sprayer version 02.04.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods KamAZ 54101 Sprayer

Mod of a KamAZ truck with a John Deere R4045/DN495 sprayer on a chassis. The tank capacity is 10,000 liters of liquid fertilizer, the working width is 36.6/32 meters of spraying.

Working lighting equipment;
The mirrors are pale;
The cardans rotate;
Its sound is KAMAZ-like;
There is dust and marks behind the wheel.
Folding arches do not have a collision!

The following works were carried out:
- Fixed the functionality of the dashboard and backlight;
- Fixed a bug with the inability to refuel with diesel fuel;
- Worked out the physical dynamics of the model.

Changes v02.04.20:
- Fixed the corona of light on the truck, it was not visible at a certain angle;
- The size of the archive has decreased noticeably;
- The grass under the car is jammed.

The model of the unit is similar to what I see in my village, in agriculture. The kit includes a sprayer module and a fertilizer distributor! A mod for the KamAZ 54101 Sprayer model was made for FS 19.

Download mod 1 | 73.7 MB Download mod 2 | 73.7 MB

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