Western Star 6900 XD Yellow version 01.02.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Western Star 6900 XD Yellow

Truck model from SnowRunner. This is Western Star 6900 XD Yellow MudRunner Offroad Truck Mod.

List of copyright changes:
- Changed other little things;
- Added more animations;
- Updated some textures;
- Fixed bugs in xml files;
- Changed wheels (visually and special);
- Added 3-axle log trailer;
- Added a few tuning things;
- Added cargo for 8 points (Pacific);
- Added yellow western star 6900 custom;
- Changed the interior and added more animation;
- Trucks compatible with SnowRunner mods (trailers, semi-trailers, addons).

The author tested the mod Western Star 6900 XD Yellow on the game Mudrunner v22.03.19 and the xbox one gamepad. Requires USA DLC.

Nothing like a device! the suspension works great, on trailers too!

Download mod 1 | 93.59 MB Download mod 2 | 93.59 MB

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Recommended Map "Monoles 4"
Recommended Hatzenbichler TH18 and TH1400
Recommended Skoda Liaz 150
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