Sovkhoz Rassvet map version 01.12.20 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Sovkhoz Rassvet map

This area was made for Farming 2013, but years later FS 19 appeared and I ported it here. In addition to all the settings, the campaign also changed the cow farm and the main base. The map is now well different from the previous ones and turned out to be more interestingly beautiful. In any case, I created it with the goal of simulating Farmers in multiplayer.

1. I divided everything into pieces; they will have to be purchased for money in order to be used for their own purposes.
2. There are standard industries - raising livestock (cows, sheep, pigs and chickens), biogas and timber processing.
3. Additionally, I added a sand quarry, where sand could be loaded with forklifts. (first of all, buy a piece of land)
4. All cattle pens are static and do not need to be purchased. (except stables)
5. There are all sorts of sales points in favor of diversity.
6. The grain storage point "ZAV" is not drive-thru.
7. Terrain area 2048x2048 with extensive fields.

Map changes v01.12.2020:
- Fixed bugs and bugs;
- Added to treat seeds with poison;
- Made feed production for pigs;
- I also did other things;
- Various edits;
- Made all sorts of edits;
- Added new crops: clover, alfalfa (Maise+ mod is not required!);
- Prescribed new crops for animal feed + sale of hay and bales, compost;
- Dynamic dirt;
- Dynamic terrain;
- The ZAV has been removed (warehouses have been added) there is a place to install a purchased one;
- Changed the landscape, also added fields (course play and hiring works!).

Sovkhoz Rassvet made a map mod for farmers for FS 19. The terrain is similar to Russian.

Download mod 1 | 535 MB Download mod 2 | 535 MB

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