MAZ 5551A2 and MAZ 8571N version 1.0 – Mod Farming Simulator 20 Android (

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods MAZ 5551A2 and MAZ 8571N

A Russian car with a trailer, this is MAZ 5551A2 and MAZ 8571N for playing Farm 22. The store has a choice of colors for the trailer and truck, color on the rim, design and base.

Machine MAZ-5551A2:
- In the back of 14,000 liters of cargo;
- Choice of wheels, bodywork and fuel carrier;
- The body is placed for the tank (fuel truck);
- Dynamic hoses cling to the trailer;
- Working tidy and lighting;
- Leaves traces and dust.

Trailer MAZ-8571N:
- Trailer capacity: 14,000 liters of cargo;
- Dynamic hoses cling to the truck;
- Working light indicators;
- Leaves traces and dust.

Download mod 1 | 25.11 MB Download mod 2 | 25.11 MB

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