Flamboyant maps version 29.11.21 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Flamboyant maps

Flamboyant is a fictional Brazilian map for FS 19 inspired by the Rio Verde municipality region of Goiás.

Refueling on the map;
Sugar cane plant;
BGA for silo handling;
Point of sale of bales in general;
Eggs can be sold in a restaurant;
73 small and large fields with missions;
Dairy plants selling milk;
Sawmill selling wood and wood chips;
4 points of sale of grain, potatoes and beets;
The whole land with houses, points of sale, etc. can buy;
To buy limestone, you need to drive a trailer to a limestone distributor;
Farm with grain storage silo, sleeping hut, cow pasture and chicken coop, except carports.

Download mod 1 | 108 MB Download mod 2 | 108 MB

Recommended AFM Santana 88
Recommended GAZ 3307 and Module
Recommended MZhT-10 Manure slurry
Recommended HTZ T-150k-09 Bulldozer
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