MercedesBenz AMG G63 Xmas SNTCLS Abandoned version 04.11.21 – Mod NFS Payback (

NFS Payback Mods MercedesBenz AMG G63 Xmas SNTCLS Abandoned

Where to find abandoned Gelik in NFS Paybac? And you don’t need to look for it anywhere, you will already get it for free!

But in order to get an abandoned car Mercedes Benz AMG G63 in the style of Xmas SNTCLS Abandoned for free and quickly, you need to use the FrostyModManager mod program for the game. You can take any version.

Go first to the "Off-Road" car dealership, and then to the "Pursuit", and buy a car for 0 money.

Download mod 1 | 8.73 KB Download mod 2 | 8.73 KB

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Nice! I can't wait to see more abandoned cars! thumb
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