Felsbrunn Conversion Multiplayer Capable map version 19.01.19 – Mod FS 19 (1.7.1)

FS 19 Mods Felsbrunn Conversion Multiplayer Capable map

Created a new parking space with sheds and gas stations in field 10, which was installed into the landscape. Fields 4 and 5 (not originally owned) have a contract farm set up with two large halls, two sheds, a workshop, a laundry, and a gas station. Added small tricks such as hidden old cars and a construction site that makes the intersection impassable. Most of the trees and decorations on the side of the road and the field were added because the map was just empty in some places.

Map 2.0 changes:
- New main yard with cows, horses and chickens;
- Added sheep breeding.

Version 4.0 (v19.01.19) for FS19 game:
- Sludge storage at field 20;
- Chicken coop installed in the main yard;
- The nearest fences have been changed and the access road is slightly wider;
- Added decorations between many fields;
- BGA redesigned;
- Mill added as a selling point;
- A new outlet where the construction site was located;
- Houses / buildings placed as decoration;
- Workshop upstairs in the harbor;
- The diner is installed as a decoration.

Download mod 1 | 800 MB Download mod 2 | 800 MB

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Recommended MZhT-10 Manure slurry
Recommended SZT 3.6A Seeder and hitch
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