T-40AM and Equipment version 22.12.22 – Mod Farming Simulator 20 Android (0.0.63-75)

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods T-40AM and Equipment

Download for FS 20 Android Russian mod of the Soviet tractor T-40AM, and its Equipment. All loader control is carried out on the virtual keyboard.

Tractor LTZ T-40 AM:
- Power under the hood: 50 l / s;
- The volume of the tank is 70 liters of fuel;
- Transport speed: 32 km/h;
- The cost of the tractor: 6000 rubles;
- Animated pedplis and more;
- The exterior of the tractor is dirty;
- Russian tractor of Soviet production;
- Mod tractor T-40AM and Equipment for FS 20.

Store configurations:
- The choice of wheels;
- Choice of rim color;
- Choice of forest frame;
- Choice of primary color;
- Choice of front wings;
- Choosing the color of the forest frame;
- Choice of color of the front wings;
- Choice of additional lighting;
- Choice of color of the wheel loader;
- Choice of fastening of the wheel loader.

Loader PKU 0.8 Barnaul:
- Choice of main color and design color;
- Choice of additional lighting.

Loader PKU 0.8 Barnaul with boom extension:
- Choice of design color and main design color;
- Installation of additional lighting.

Universal bucket 0.65 cubic meters:
- Choice of strengthening of a ladle;
- Universal bucket for 0.8 cubic meters.

Counterweight per 1000 kg:
- Choice of the main color of the counterweight.

Pallet forks:
- The main color of the pitchfork is selected.

In the Farming Simulator 20 game, the tractor mod "T-40AM and Equipment" has controls using the virtual keyboard on the smartphone.

Download mod 1 | 30.05 MB Download mod 2 | 30.05 MB

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