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Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods T-16M and Equipment Pack

Mod to add. There is a new addition to the friendly family of Soviet tractors. The T-16M tractor enters the FS2020 arena with a huge pack of equipment. Without additional modules, the T-16M is an ordinary, unremarkable tractor. It is old, holds only 40 liters of fuel, travels at a speed of 22 kilometers. Yes, and the motor is rather weak - only 13 horsepower, like some kind of moped. But with modules for FS 2020, the T-16M turns into a functional unit that performs a lot of tasks. Just take a look at this set:

Tractor mod feature:
- Sprayer and barrel to it;
- Modules: onboard body, body for liquids;
- Mounted mower;
- 2 buckets, 2 loaders;
- Forks, which are convenient to load bales;
- Forks intended for pallets;
- Trailer for transportation of modules.

As they say, no comment. It turned out to be a solid T-16M pack with cool features. The tractor is bought for 14,000 euros, the rest of the small things are much cheaper.

Download mod 1 | 26.89 MB Download mod 2 | 26.89 MB

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