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Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods Map "One Russian Territory"

The mod map "One Russian Territory" was ported from the Farming Simulator 2019 series. After updating the map version 2.2, you need to start a new save, so that possible bugs do not occur.

Feature of the area "One Russian Territory":
- Livestock: chickens, cows, sheep, and more ducks and rams;
- 7 settlements and 8 harvest points;
- Native startpack is necessarily sewn into the map;
- 20 fields and culture standard;
- Biogas located on the ground;
- Russian traffic on the roads;
- Hire system with FS19;
- There is a place to get water, there is also a tanker with seeds (fertilizers) and a gas filling station.

Map version v2.2 (28.05.22) for FS 20:
- Fixed bugs on sinks;
- There is a workshop trigger at the base;
- Car traffic updated;
- New sunflower culture texture;
- Stones received icon fixes;
- Registered the real prices and weight of the cargo;
- Culture icons updated with new ones;
- Crows and new decor walk through the fields;
- Starter tractor Belarus 82 fixed;
- Canola and cotton are completely removed from crops;
- The archive was cleaned from garbage, and a new preview was made;
- There are already new cultures of 10,000 liters in the storages;
- Fixed Loading eggs from chicken coop fixed;
- New crops on the map: triticale, rye, rice, buckwheat, sorghum;
- Added weeds and means of their destruction: Rotation 1200 weeder and herbicides;
- The warehouse accepts new crops (and a couple of other places);
- The map mod "One Russian Territory" is already packed into a ready-made apk.

Download mod 1 | 712 MB Download mod 2 | 712 MB

Recommended MTZ Belorus 82 BF
Recommended GAZ 53 Barrel KO-50
Recommended KIR-1.5 Trailer harvester
Recommended MAZ 953000-017 Semitrailer
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