RSM Niva Pack SK-5 version 07.08.21 – Mod Farming Simulator 20 Android (

Farming Simulator 20 Android Mods RSM Niva Pack SK-5

RSM Niva Pack SK-5 - Russian combine mod for adding to FS 20 Android games. There are branded headers for the harvester.

Mod feature:
- Grain harvester ZhZE-4;
- Grain harvester ZhZE-5;
- Harvester ZhZE-4 sunflower.
- Harvester ZhZE-5 sunflower.
- Trailer for transportation of headers;
- Reaper for sunflower PSP-1.5;
- Combine SK-5 "Niva" with a design option (blinds);

Mod features:
- Hopper capacity: 3000 liters;
- Engine power: 105 hp;
- Working speed: 10 kilometers per hour;
- Working width of a harvester: 4 meters/5 meters;
- There are animations in the cabin, everything still works;
- Transport speed: 25 kilometers per hour;
- RSM Niva Pack SK-5 harvester mod for Farming 20 Android.

Download mod 1 | 29.59 MB Download mod 2 | 29.59 MB

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