What are fertilizers for in the mobile game FS 20 Android

Farming Simulator 20 Android is not easy for beginners as there are many different points that are poorly explained in the game and beginners keep playing incorrectly. A very common mistake is ignoring fertilizers. There are various fertilizers in the game that greatly improve the yield of your crops. However, this is an optional process, and for this reason, many beginners simply ignore this step, not even suspecting how much profit they are actually losing.

But first things first. Let's start with how fertilizers should be used. A field can be fertilized several times, and you need to fertilize every time you grow a new crop. If you use a cheap fertilizer spreader, chances are your field will only be 50% fertilized. This is also enough, but it is best to achieve a 100% result, and for this you need to fertilize the field twice (at the same time, fertilization occurs after at least one stage).

With the use of more modern and expensive equipment, it is possible to fertilize the field instantly by 100%. Yes, such a technique may cost more, but it is worth it, because you will save a lot of time, you will be able to fertilize the entire field by 100% in one go.

Important notes about fertilizers:

- There are several types of fertilizers in the game. Each of these types has its own characteristics, and methods of obtaining.

- You can get manure for fertilizer in several different ways. For example, you can just go to the store and buy a pallet of manure. But if you like animal husbandry, then it is quite possible to get free manure. To do this, you need cows, which in themselves are quite useful animals, but also constantly produce manure, which is no worse than purchased.

- Fertilizers must be used. If you do not use fertilizers, you will get almost one and a half to two times less crop. Consequently, your profit will drop significantly. Yes, you will have to buy manure if you don't have animals, but the price will pay off several times over. In no case do not save, fertilize your fields always!

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