Updates v17.10.22 received a mod for the Russian car Lada VAZ 2108 for Wreckfest

The first domestic car VAZ 2108 in the game, the Russian eight, is an excellent car for the Wreckfest derby. It’s not a pity to shred her, and such an ordinary cheap thing is not needed by anyone! The drive is front-wheel drive, so you won’t be able to tweak the steering wheel, unless you use it for drag racing... This will be a cross-rally of the Soviet era, it really was like that in the country of the USSR!

Mod VAZ 2108 Lada has a lot of its own tuning and coloring. It uses several types of wheels (rims) to choose from, there are also several skins for the body (even the police).
Lada is not happy with success among the leading cars...

Fixes for VAZ 2108 Lada v17.10.22 for Wreckfest 2022

Updates of the mod for the VAZ 2108 Lada car are not copyrighted, in this case. Many years have passed since the author of MaximDm67 released his only mod for Wreckfest, everything was working. And after about a year, the game received updates, such that, as a result, the textures flew off the wheels and it was impossible to choose liveries for the car.

Features in the fix:
- Made a couple of minor improvements;
- Fixed wheels, now covered with texture;
- With this fix, a little more livery to choose from;
- Allowed to select all liveries and mix them in pairs (style, design).

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