Motorcycle Racing with Sprint Driver for iOS and Android

Some games amaze with their thoughtful complex atmosphere, develop a reaction and keep the brain in constant tension. Such games are very popular, but there are also simple games that do not require concentration and good reaction. Such games are good when you need to relax, kill time in a long queue or keep yourself busy during a trip.

Motorcycle racing with Sprint Driver

The mobile feature of Sprint Driver belongs to this category of games. Where it is easy to control racing motorcycles.

Game goal

The plot of the game is very simple, but at the same time it captivates from the first minutes. If you are a fan of motorcycles, fast driving and drive - this game is exactly what you need. The goal of the game is to move forward as long as possible, bypassing collisions with various objects. By tradition, as in other arcade games, you need to collect bonus coins. You need to control the motorcycle using the gadget's gyroscope. The control itself is very simple, almost ideal for those who like a dashing ride, because there is only one button - "gas".

Inter-row driving features

Intense traffic on a three-lane highway will teach you how to react quickly and smartly maneuver among oncoming traffic. It will be possible to master inter-row driving quickly enough, but you should not test these skills in real life. Basically, all cars drive in their own lane at a moderate speed, with the exception of police cars, which change lanes at the most inopportune moments. Police cars are most often rebuilt directly to the player, so hatred for them wakes up after 10 minutes of gameplay.

Variety of tracks: desert, snow and city

A nice bonus in the game - three different tracks - urban, desert and snowy road. Each road has a different set of bikes that differ in speed, smoothness in maneuvering and strength of the material. You can get and try them out with the help of previously collected bonus coins. For those who want everything at once, you don’t have to waste time collecting coins and completing different levels, because you can simply buy coins using in-app purchases.

However, collecting coins does not take much time or effort, just a couple of hours of play and you can easily unlock all possible motorcycles.

Game interface

When playing Sprint Driver, a banner pops up, which is easily removed through in-app purchases for one dollar.
The graphics of the game are excellent, as is the believable sound of a real motorcycle race. And heavy traffic on each of the proposed routes is able to develop reaction and speed.

The game is groovy, it perfectly distracts during tense waiting and helps to feel yourself in the center of the race on a motorcycle transport. Reviews about this amazing simulator are extremely positive.

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