Lumberjacks guide to cutting down trees (coniferous and deciduous) in Farming Simulator 22

Welcome to our next logging guide. Today we will figure out how to cut deciduous and coniferous trees, what features the cutting process has, what equipment will be required. Coniferous and deciduous trees have differences, and felling occurs using different techniques. Consider the features.


Deciduous or coniferous trees?

Before we begin to consider the necessary technique and the process itself, we need to know the difference between deciduous and coniferous trees. If you grow deciduous trees and are ready to cut them down, you will need an ordinary chainsaw. However, deciduous trees are quite uneven, which is why they are not suitable anywhere. It is much more profitable after cutting them to process them into wood chips.

For coniferous trees, you can use both a chainsaw and special logging equipment, which is more expensive, but works faster and more efficiently. Coniferous trees are usually tall and even. Thanks to this, they can be profitably sold, or sent for further processing in production chains.





What you need to cut trees in FS 22

First, consider the technique that will be required for cutting deciduous trees:


Tractor for transport and use of tools (recommended CLAAS Axion 800)
Chainsaw, which is required for the felling itself (you can choose any brand, no personal recommendation)
Wood chipper for turning deciduous trees into chips (recommended HM 8-400 KLC).

Now consider the necessary equipment for coniferous trees:
A special harvester that is used both for chopping and for cutting wood into smaller pieces (Komatsu 931XC is recommended).


Cutting of deciduous trees

The process is different for coniferous and deciduous trees, so let's first look at how to cut deciduous trees.


Step 1: felling

We take a chainsaw, turn it on and stand next to the tree that we will chop. As soon as a green circle appears, the tree can already be cut. Just turn the chainsaw in the right direction, and chop down the tree.


Step 2: remove branches

After the tree has been cut down, it is very important to remove the branches, to separate them from the trunk. We just turn the chainsaw in the right direction, and start cutting branches, trying to cut as close to the trunk as possible so as not to leave anything. We repeat the process until the tree trunk is completely cleared of branches.


Next, we cut the trunk into smaller pieces so that further processing into chips is easier, and the wood chipper does the job.

Step 3: make wood chips

It remains just to turn on the machine for processing wood into chips, take the wood with the device's crane, and place it on a funnel-shaped conveyor belt. The machine will automatically do the whole process, and turn all possible parts into wood chips, which can be further sold. We fill the chopper tank completely and transport chips for sale.


We will deal with the transportation and sale of wood chips in more detail in the following guides.


Felling of coniferous trees

We figured out the deciduous ones, it remains to understand how to cut down coniferous trees.


Step 1: felling coniferous trees

With coniferous trees, the cutting process is faster and more efficient, because special equipment is used. It remains just to get into the logging equipment, drive closer to the tree, select the desired size / length of the harvested trunks, and start the felling process. The crane boom should be positioned as low as possible. The tree will be felled almost automatically.


Step 2: cut into small pieces

The cut stem is still in the header grapple. We check the desired length of the cut, and press the button to start cutting. The device automatically cuts the trunk to the desired size. But how to choose the right size? It is worth focusing on the size of your trailer, on which you will transport the logs. As a rule, cheap trailers transport short logs, and in small quantities, so you should not save on a trailer. A good trailer will speed up transportation.

Recommended CHMZAP 990640-046MT2 Trawl
Recommended 2012 Dodge Ram 3500
Recommended Map "Probirka"
Recommended Map "Goldcrest Valley"
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