G27 Logitech settings for Need for Speed ​​15

The next NFS series is still on sale as of 2024, on Steam. This is a game that does not start without an Internet connection, as a result there is still no pirate.

I recently decided to play Need for Speed ​​15 on a steering wheel called Logitech G27. And I made a number of control settings, see them in the screenshot. And don’t forget that each car in the game feels a little different.

The settings turned out to be quite successful, but the game was not really designed for steering wheels. This was later modified by Need for Speed ​​2015 (2016) to make game steering wheels and manual transmission compatible.

Adequate settings for the G27 steering wheel in Need for Speed ​​15

The most important thing is to uncheck the "Game Settings" box in the Logitech Profiler application, otherwise the steering wheel will not behave adequately and nothing will work. Next, go to the game Need for Speed ​​15 and select your “Logitech G27” in the control options. Reduce the steering sensitivity itself to zero! Otherwise, there is not much difference, but I strongly recommend that you make all the settings as in my screenshot.

Let me remind you that each car can manifest itself in its own way (slightly). You can set the car’s settings in the garage, and there you can choose to have a manual transmission. For racing, I liked the handling of the Porsche 911 Carrera S (991) with default settings.

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