Case 2670 Traction King Tractor Adds Farm Equipment to Cattle and Crops Mods

A new tractor mod for Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops into the game, this time the CASE 2670 model in three versions. The three variants of the model are the difference in wheels, namely the regular version, Case 2670 Dual wheels and Case 2670 Wide wide wheels.

Tractor mod feature:
- Adequate physics, you can work in the field;
- The sound of the engine sounds like a real CASE 2670;
- Cling all sorts of trailers and units (but the hitch is not working!);
- Lighting equipment could be improved, but there is no motivation for this;
- CASE 2670 tractor mod made for Professional Farmer: Cattle and Crops;
- Conditions are playable, but someone can improve in the CnC game editor.

The 3D model of the tractor seems to be from Oldiron1214, but the author under the pseudonym Masterbrain Bytes worked on the Case 2670 Traction King mod and engine sounds.

In addition to being a fully functional CASE 2670 mod in the game Cattle and Crops, it can be easily modified with nuances and animations for those who understand the GIANTS Editor. Here it is almost the same, but the editor of Cattle and Crops looks a bit peculiar. The CASE 2670 tractor model itself is taken from Farming Simulator 17, and the engine sounds are created from recorded videos on Youtube.

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