Belarusian truck MAZ 503A 1975 to farmers Cattle and Crops

The MAZ 503A 1975 dump truck is the first Russian truck for Cattle and Crops Mod, from the Russian Modding team. The truck does not perform its proper functions in the game, because there is still an important part to be completed, namely: to make it possible to load grain and also unload it. Of course, the body rises and falls, but cannot carry goods. As a result, it turned out with the MAZ 503 mod what the video tutorials on YouTube were enough for. In fact, editing mods is done as in the Farming Simylator series of games, like the GIANTS Editor, at least a little peculiar.

The sound of the engine from the John Deere 4755 mod sounds like it was used during the construction. In any case, there is no problem to make the native sound of the MAZ 503A 1975 truck. It remains so, because the main thing has not been implemented!

Feature of MAZ 503A 1975:
- Animated steering wheel and wheels;
- The body rises and falls;
- Hear the sound of the engine in motion;
- The driver in the cab sits behind the wheel.

It would be possible to refine the MAZ 503 Dump truck mod for Cattle and Crops, at least some little things. But unfortunately the lack of a proper video tutorial or known information for the implementation of the main one, there is no interest at all. Everyone can freely run Cattle and Crops in the editor and modify it if they have the right ideas for it. Time will pass and most likely the necessary information will appear, and then the mod will be finalized (under the proper conditions).

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