Mod made BMW M3 E92 2008 to play on the steering wheel G27 Logitech for Wreckfest

Wreckfest Mods Mod made BMW M3 E92 2008 to play on the steering wheel G27 Logitech for Wreckfest

It is known that Wreckfest carries a game about the destruction of cars. But in this case, the mod on the BMW M3 E92 2008 is done wrong, and it will not shatter into pieces. After downloading the archive, you will see a version that does not deform the body at all, and a version that does not significantly deform the body. Although according to the principle of bonuses and the health of the car, everything remains at the current level.

By installing the mod in Wreckfest you will receive from the store a BMW M3 E92 Heritage model of the year 2008, in the style of Need for Speed World. After, it can be changed in appearance using skins and a couple of parts, and be sure to adjust the suspension (in the "Tuning" option). Then the car BMW M3 E92 becomes like a more original one.

Choosing the type of suspension in tuning, you will get completely different control options, and if you have a gear shift, then you will also get different speeds and acceleration. Everything is done conditionally original, unlike default cars.

For those who like to play on the steering wheel and refrigerate

First of all, a mod was made on the BMW M3 E92 Heritage in the interests of playing on the steering wheel (G27 Logitech). And fans of racing on the keyboard, it is recommended to manage completely jewelry! You can drift a little sideways, but it will be better and more effective on the game steering wheel. But it is important to set the accelerator pedal to the maximum in the settings! Otherwise, proper steering control will not be obtained.

I recommend that fans of refining take the BMW M3 E92 and try it out at Wreckfest on a Logitech G27 steering wheel. Because Wreckfest is also a sim racing simulator, and no less than Assetto Corsa with its mods. It's just sharpened a little for those needs. And so, if you make a car mod and adjust it properly, it will be the very thing.

Garage improvements and painting

In the armor upgrades, there are no parts for the BMW M3 E92, and in the "Appearance" option there is a couple of wheels - there are four different options. One of them is a pair of front and rear wheels, designed only for soft suspension!

You can also make a choice in the "Appearance" option; will install the original spoiler to remove it. In the same way, the antenna on the roof is installed and removed, but from the "Front wing" category.

Well, in addition, there are 14 skins and 3 types of painting (gloss, matte, chrome).

It is important to know that the BMW M3 E92 2008 Heritage is only class A-264, and you will not find parts for adding or reducing power.

It is important to remember when playing on the steering wheel!

Be sure to set the accelerator to the maximum in the settings of the gas pedal if you play on the steering wheel. That is more than 100%. Otherwise, the BMW M3 E92 (class A-264) does not respond to proper steering in the Wreckfest car simulator.

Download mod 1 | 67.57 MB Download mod 2 | 67.57 MB

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