Be the driver of the IZH-21251 Kombi Rocket at the Wreckfest races

Wreckfest Mods Be the driver of the IZH-21251 Kombi Rocket at the Wreckfest races

A mod was made for the Soviet car Izh 21251 to participate in the crazy Wreckfest races. This is an addition to your garage; you don’t have to buy it from a car dealership.

It is important that the Izh 21251 Combi model for Wreckfest is made based on Rocket physics. Its chassis is already well tuned to effectively control the gaming steering wheel. The weight of the car also remained default. But you will still notice a slight difference, and you will not feel like you are driving a Rocket car.

In the garage you can paint the body of the car in any color, but you cannot choose a color or livery for it. It’s impossible because they weren’t created for the model. All performance parts for the Soviet Izh 21251 are installed the same as in the Rocket, exactly the same, with the same power.

Even in the garage, you can put a “trunk” on the roof of the Kombi, and in addition, change a pair of rear and front wheels. In addition, decorate with splash guards.

Spirit of racing IZH-21251 Kombi Rocket in the game Wreckfest
Try yourself as a driver in the Wreckfest races behind the Soviet car Izh 21251 Kombi. Feel the spirit of a car from the USSR and the 90s. During the race, you can choose a view from the driver's seat and a camera on the hood, as well as three third-person options. In your own events there is a choice of an AI car “like the player” or “IZH-21251 Kombi”, in addition to all those that the game already provides and your mods of other cars.

AI in the "IZH-21251 Kombi" events use a car model with several modifications. It includes five different body colors, wheels from a couple of options, also with or without a roof rack, and rear mudguards.

Download mod 1 | 31.40 MB Download mod 2 | 31.40 MB

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