Ferrari Enzo car and Rebalance v1.23 mod for NFS ProStreet game

NFS ProStreet Mods Ferrari Enzo car and Rebalance v1.23 mod for NFS ProStreet game

Updates to the Rebalance mod to add the Ferrari Enzo (by Ti-Sonic) to Need for Speed ProStreet. Dramatically new sensations from bots and changes in physics in ProStreet races.

Rebalance mod features with NFS ProStreet game

This mod is aimed at complicating the passage of the game, thereby adding interest for people who have already completed the game more than once and want new sensations! But first of all, and most importantly, this is the new Ferrari Enzo, which replenishes the showroom.

The changes affected the physics of the game - now it has become more dangerous to fly off the track, because the cars began to slow down more and skid outside the paved areas. Bots got tougher! - Over Ray Krieger now it will be necessary to sweat!

And the characteristics of cars have become closer to real ones - the physics of behavior has been reworked for each car. Be sure to use clutch shifting!

And also the meaning of the mod is that now you can’t go through the whole game on the initially opened car, because. initially opened cars, when fully pumped, will not tumble in the same way as newer ones, opening with each stage of the car, tumble.
And also, in the car dealership there will no longer be cars sold for free! You will have to pay for each wheelbarrow! Be sure to use clutch shifting!

Cautions and nuances:
- Installation is performed by specifying the path to the folder with the game, with the replacement of all files without the possibility of rollback.
- You only need to use a new installed game.
- You only need to use a new save when you start the game! (using old saves can spoil the impression of the mod game).
- Your further installed mods in the integrity of the game are not guaranteed.

Gameplay of the game NFS ProStreet with the Rebalance mod:
- Willy is gone.
- Repair tokens, like spare parts, can no longer be obtained in cards, only credits.
- No need for tier 4 parts, tier 3 parts is the maximum.
- Driver assistance is disabled completely, so there may be problems with slipping and wheel locking. Which can be corrected by car tuning.
- The scheme only affects the skill of the bots, there will be no help for the driver. You can try to use a beginner, etc., but the mod was primarily designed for the King scheme (may not be enough points to lead even if you were the first everywhere).
- In simple weekends, drifting immediately begins, so as soon as you pass the Battle Machine qualifying, buy a car for drifting (or put a 240SX on drifting).
- It is advisable to use manual gear shifting with a clutch, especially in a drag!

Download mod 1 | 213 MB Download mod 2 | 213 MB

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