Ruf CTR3 version 01.07.19 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Ruf CTR3

Install the Ruf CTR3 car in the NFS ProStreet game and find out what characteristics the model has and its racing capabilities. This is a unique development based on the Porsche Cayman, from the Ruf company.

Borrowed model of the Ruf CTR3 supercar from the Project CARS racing series. Has customization for everything except the roofs (obviously), exhaust pipes and seats! The kit includes a Widebody mod, this is the SMS-R version. It includes a paintable windshield, or rather the application of vinyl and stickers.

Features of the supercar mod:
- All effects are functioning;
- Evo hoods are installed, as well as a custom spoiler;
- Updated UV-Mapping and 3D Anti-theft logo;
- Stock wheels have the ability to autosculpt;
- There are recommended settings for Drag, Grip and Speed races;
- New performance data and fixed viewing camera on the hood.

Evo Spoiler autosculpt: slider No. 1 raises the spoiler, and slider No. 2 tilts the spoiler.

After installing the Ruf CTR3 mod in Need for Speed ProStreet, you will understand that the car replaced the Porsche Cayman S model.

Download mod 1 | 5.05 Mb Download mod 2 | 5.05 Mb

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