Nissan GT-R LMP1 Nismo version 04.06.18 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Nissan GT-R LMP1 Nismo

Download the Nismo racing car to race in Need For Speed ProStreet. Absolutely free! He has nothing in the settings, given the original model. It was taken from Real Racing 3, and has the properties of an Anti-Theft 3D model.

This Nissan GT-R LMP1 Nismo car mod will replace the finished model Nissan GT-R Proto (GTRPROTO), and will have the same physical properties. But the performance is allowed to change by adding new parts from the ProStreet garage.

Features mod Nissan GT-R LMP1 Nismo:
- To install in the game, there is already a Vlt-Ed 4.5 tool along with the mod.
- Based on the final version of the car, made new performance data;
- A fair price was set for a racing car in a car dealership;
- All effects are performed on the model, even the brake light is turned on when braking.

Models v04.06.18 made the following changes:
- After a strange deformation of the car body in a collision, I redid the collision.
- Slightly redid parts to optimize and save weight;
- Some textures added as new, while others are updated;
- Registered shaders for some details in a new way.

After installing the Nissan GT-R LMP1 mod in Need For Speed ProStreet, you need to look for it in the "Front Drive" section in the car dealership store. Because we have an FWD model with front-wheel drive, despite the fact that the previous model was AWD.

Download mod 1 | 2.9 MB Download mod 2 | 2.9 MB

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