Mazda Furai Concept version 11.01.18 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.7.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Mazda Furai Concept

The Mazda Furai Concept car mod will replace the Mazda Mazdaspeed3 (MAZDASPEED3) if you install it in the game Need for Speed ProStreet.

Features in the new version of Mazda Furai:
- Correct coloring of rims, no need to use sliders for coloring rims;
- Now classified as a "Rear Drive" vehicle;
- Stratospeed includes some changes (see for yourself);
- New UV-mapping, and anti-theft 3D logo;
- Correct brake light and DRL light effect;
- New performance data;
- Default driver at the helm of the car.

Setup from NFS Prostreet Garage:
- Body kits (AutoSculpt, Stratospeed kits, Carbon Edition and Widebody);
- Special safety cages, Efficiency;
- Paint, vinyls and stickers;
- Wheels with tires.

There is a known bug with the Mazda Furai Concept mod: the car may seem a little high when you drive out of the garage, but if you drive it, it drives fine. Setting it to a lower value turned out to be terrible, so I don't recommend you change the values in the script (nfsms).

Don't forget to back up your source files before installing any car mod in Need for Speed ProStreet, for example, in case you want to reset the game to its original state.

Download mod 1 | 3.10 MB Download mod 2 | 3.10 MB

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