Jaguar XJ220 version 19.03.20 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Jaguar XJ220

Updated Jaguar XJ220 car mod for Need for Speed ​​ProStreet. 3D model from the game Asphalt 8 and Real Racing 3. All customizations except roofs and exhaust pipes, as well as aftermarket seats.

Fixes introduced by this update:
- Stratospeed spoiler 403 is now a more “flexible” version of the standard spoiler (the old one was not correct);
- A new engine sound was made for both the stock and the modernized version.

Speed ​​Challenge mode improvements:
- Improved car body kit;
- The ground clearance was slightly raised;
- Increased gear ratios of the gearbox;
- The final drive ratio has been increased;
- Reduced input lag (also known as TANK_SLAPPER_TIMER).

Features of the Jaguar car in the game:
- Spoiler 402 displays TWR badges on trunk and spoiler (sliders can be used for customization);
- Widebody TWR mockup made by me using A8 parts;
- Correct display of everything.

The Jaguar XJ220 mod was made for Need for Speed ​​ProStreet as a car Addon. This means that after installing the mod, one more car will appear in the ProStreet car dealership.

Download mod 1 | 3.77 MB Download mod 2 | 3.77 MB

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