Ford Mustang GT 2013 version 24.04.18 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Ford Mustang GT 2013

Download free for NFS ProStreet Ford Mustang GT 2013 with new tuning. And in general, the model itself is new, by its time. But in the game, it will replace the existing 2006 Ford Mustang GT, with customizations for everything except the covers and seats.

To paint stock wheels, you need to use the sliders numbered 6-8, in the styling. To this, you can also change the hoods (from the Forza game), and new others from the kit. You can also hang the new widebody from the Stratospeed-4 kit and the fifth generation type on the 2013 Ford GT.

Changes for Mustang GT 2013 v24.04.18 for Need for Speed ProStreet:
- First of all, fixed the strange behavior of parts when autosculpting in the garage;
- The characteristics have been updated, now they are at the car almost at the same level as the existing concept car;
- Made such a correction that some parts of the black color are no longer visible through the body of the car (this was a noticeable mistake in the cars of rivals);
- Now the engine sounds of the turbocharger and supercharger have been updated relative to the characteristics of the car model;
- Some styling kits had weird autosculpting, but this has now been fixed;
- Most of the main parts have been redone and updated, which resulted in fewer glitches during the races;
- I had to redo the UV-Mapping of the model, because it was strange;
- This time the liveries of Mike Hayes and Ken Block are missing, because they are removed from the mod;
- New car sound, as well as fixed some parts and their materials.

The Ford Mustang GT car mod was made to replace the existing one in NFS ProStreet, but the model of the year is 2013. This will allow you to update the racing car dealership, look at the game in a new way and replay the story.

Download mod 1 | 4.1 MB Download mod 2 | 4.1 MB

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