Audi TT RS version 20.01.18 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Audi TT RS

Instead of a simple Audi TT (TTN) model, the RS is being put into the Need for Speed ​​ProStreet fleet. It is taken as a 3D model from the NFS series (World, ProStreet, Undercover) in parts and details with styling.

Features of the car Audi TT RS:
- Body kits (stock autosculpt, Stratospeed 4 and 5, wide body);
- Paint, window tinting vinyl and decals;
- Safety cages in the interior;
- Disks, hoods and spoilers;

Additional information about the features:
- Anti-theft 3D logo and default driver behind the wheel;
- Original discs from NFS UC, and hoods from NFSPS & UC;
- Original accurate UV-Mapping, and correct brake light glass;
- Improved performance data as well as new widescreen from NFS World;
- Oettinger and Audi sports kits, as well as an additional TTRS spoiler (can be installed via spoilers (see Gentera 402);
- The mod of the German car Audi TT RS is made for NFS ProStreet racing.

Download mod 1 | 3.94 MB Download mod 2 | 3.94 MB

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