Acura NSX NC1 version 12.07.18 – Mod NFS ProStreet (1.1)

NFS ProStreet Mods Acura NSX NC1

A brutal car for sports racing, to replace the Acura NSX 1995 (NSX).

Characteristics in the game NFS ProStreet:
- Exhaust systems are changing;
- Performance remains the same;
- The hoods are installed, and the hoods are stock (and 4 from “Payback”)
- Racing and regular seats are placed in the driver’s seat;
- In addition to stock wheels, there are also Aftermarket;
- Additional safety cages included;
- All stock and four additional body kits.

The model of the brutal Acura NSX NC1 car is borrowed from the famous games Forza Horizon 2 and 3, as well as tuning parts from Need for Speed Payback.

It turned out pretty good, there are a lot of parts to tune the body and attach the body kit. You can hang stock spoilers, plus your choice of spoilers, including LB Performance with LED neon animation (adjustable with the “1, 2” sliders).

Customization Features:
1. In the side skirts of the body (except for the Widebody kit), it is possible to change the headlights to tinted ones (slider “1, 2”).
2. Use the slider “4” to set the Led-Neon animation on the Widebody side skirts, and also the neon-LED animation with the “1” slider.

Vinyls are in good working order for NFS ProStreet styling. Also new UV-Mapping, 90% correct (as an error, spots from the old NSX are visible on the body). Otherwise, the Acura NC1 mod turned out well.

Download mod 1 | 71.02 Mb Download mod 2 | 71.02 Mb

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