Upgrade your NFS Payback garage with cars from the Iconic Cars Pack

NFS Payback Mods Upgrade your NFS Payback garage with cars from the Iconic Cars Pack

A car mod was made with ready-made configurations and unique skins. Installed into the game using Frosty Mod Manager, or rather activated. Because after purchasing all the cars, next time you can play without the Iconic Cars Pack mod. These unique cars are all exactly stored in your garage.

It is advisable to need a licensed NFS Payback game with an update for June 2018, otherwise there will be crashes. Although this mod works on the pirated version, it still crashes when purchased from a “Race” dealer.

A note about the Iconic Cars Pack on the pirated Need for Speed Payback

I checked it on my pirated computer that was before the patch. And this is what happened to me, cars are bought from all dealers except the “Race” dealer (the game crashes when you try to go to the red store), but for all other classes there were no problems.

All the same, it turns out to be such stupidity, all the cars are equipped with cards for level 18, but with it they behave like stock ones, there are zero effects. But thanks for that, at least I added some cars to Need for Speed Payback that I wanted, it’s a pity that I couldn’t do it for the race class too...

Download mod 1 | 13.75 MB Download mod 2 | 13.75 MB

Recommended Yenisei 850 and Harvesters
Recommended 2018 Volvo FH 16
Recommended ZIL-130 and ZIL-45065
Recommended Kamaz 55102 EVRO2 and Nefaz 8560
Comments 1
Darov, I found a way to get these cars in pirate mode with race cramp, you need two mods
1. nfsmods.xyz/mod/794 is needed to directly change the machine’s behavior (this is done in the tune up shop)
2. nfsmods.xyz/mod.php?id=1207 is needed to unlock the purchase of race (if you have 1-5 parts of the game, you will not be able to buy the race cramp pack) in this mod you can also use it for pirates get the buns that are in the supplies
P.S. in the second mod there will be two folders in a zip file, one of them with the prefix Fitgirl (pirate) this mod needs to be downloaded, it is different from the other
I hope I helped, you need to play with the second mod and put this file in the Mods folder of the frosty manager
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