Range Rover Sport SVR version 19.05.18 – Mod NFS Payback (

NFS Payback Mods Range Rover Sport SVR

After some time, I managed to activate the Range Rover Sport SVR car in Need for Speed Payback. It replaces the Mazda MX5, and the tuning must match the model (otherwise the car may not be modified).

And yes, I only made it for Payback drifting, and it ended up in racing itself, and off-road because of the Mazda PX-5. Officially, the car files were included in the game with the Castrol Race DLC update for Need for Speed Payback.

Download Frosty Mod and install the mod with this program. Because, using the trainer on the latest version of the game, you can also unlock the Range Rover Sport SVR.

A way to activate the mod in the NFS Payback game

I turned on Frosty and activated the mod, went into the game, bought a car, then left the salon and went into the garage. All parts from Mazda PX 5 are used and they are not installed! Then you must exit the game, then you launch it from the shortcut or from the original (this is the order).

Download mod 1 | 6.73 KB Download mod 2 | 6.73 KB

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