Five unique cars from the "Platinum Car Pack" for Need for Speed Payback

NFS Payback Mods Five unique cars from the "Platinum Car Pack" for Need for Speed Payback

To use the opportunity to purchase platinum cars, you must have a licensed version of the game 10.51.41148 (June 2018 Patch). But you can try the newer version of Need for Speed Payback for this mod. But it might be possible to use a pirated one, just to check it out. Although, most likely, "Platinum Car Pack" will give an error on the pirated version of Payback.

Receive five uniquely customized and tuned cars to take part in the races. This will again encourage you to play through the story, already on ready-made machines.

Like all other mods for Need for Speed Payback, this Platinum Car Pack is installed through FrostyModManager. As a result, you will have the opportunity to buy platinum cars for your garage, from a car dealership. And after purchasing all the cars for your garage, you can exit the game and disable the mod in the program.

Received content from five cars:
- Nissan 350Z "Platinum";
- Dodge Charger "Platinum";
- Chevrolet Camaro SS "Platinum";
- Ford F-150 SVT Raptor "Platinum";
- Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport "Platinum".

Download mod 1 | 19.63 MB Download mod 2 | 19.63 MB

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