Abandoned Nissan 350Z Rachel version 02.11.21 – Mod NFS Payback (

NFS Payback Mods Abandoned Nissan 350Z Rachel

Found abandoned Nissan 350Z Rachel in NFS Payback garage. Buying and shipping it is free, look for a racing car dealership.

You can immediately ride an abandoned Nissan 350Z Rachel on the Need for Speed Payback map. Those who did not have time to find it in time or could not do it at all.

Installing the mod is the same as with all abandoned cars:
1. Run the Frosty Mod Manager program, open the Rachel350Z.fbmod file with it.
2. Check the box next to the same file.
3. Visit a racing car dealership and purchase a Nissan 350Z Rachel.
4. Exit the NFS Payback game and uncheck this box.
5. There is no need to do such a procedure anymore, the car has been preserved forever!

Download mod 1 | 71.94 MB Download mod 2 | 71.94 MB

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