Abandoned Land Rover Defender Summer SHRKATK version 04.11.21 – Mod NFS Payback (

NFS Payback Mods Abandoned Land Rover Defender Summer SHRKATK

The Land Rover Defender Summer SHRKATK is abandoned in the Need for Speed Payback race car and is now available for free. The FrostyModManager program of any version will help you with this, through which you can install this Land Rover as a mod into the game.

This is beneficial for those who did not manage to find an abandoned Land Rover Defender in due time to ride it.

To get a car, you need to visit the Off-Road Dealership and buy it for $0. But first you need to install the car in the Payback game, adding it as one car.

Download mod 1 | 8.48 KB Download mod 2 | 8.48 KB

Recommended MTZ-892 and Belarus 892.2
Recommended Combine Krone with Header and Trailer
Recommended MZhT-10 Manure slurry
Recommended Map "Red Zone"
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