Tayga 6455b version 08.01.22 – Mod MudRunner (10.06.2019)

MudRunner Mods Tayga 6455b

Truck Tayga 6455b for Mudrunner Mods, the model itself is similar to the KrAZ 255. The truck mod has 8 addons and 3 types of wheels.

Tayga 6455b is a proto truck tractor, and semi-trailers need to be manually assigned to the hitch.

Download mod 1 | 70.77 MB Download mod 2 | 70.77 MB

Recommended Map "Zateykino"
Recommended Ursus T32P and Selmash PT12P
Recommended Acros 595 Rostselmash and Harvesters two
Recommended Challenger MT 900 Series
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