KAZ 608 and Addons version 26.10.21 – Mod MudRunner (25.02.2021)

MudRunner Mods KAZ 608 and Addons

Envelope truck KAZ 608 and Addons, and refinement with subsequent painting for MudRunner. The game has six of its add-ons on the chassis, four of its own trailers and one default trailer to hook. Truck KAZ 608 and Addons can transport 2 cargo points on the map, as well as 4 points of cargo.

Changes and improvements for MudRunner:
- Suspension reconfigured and increased throughput in the mud;
- Engine power increased and gearbox reconfigured;
- When driving, the response is reduced and the delay in the operation of the brakes is implemented;
- The center of mass is more underestimated, this will avoid tipping over in dangerous places;
- Completely reconfigured lighting on the truck, as well as on trailers and addons;
- Added four semi-trailers from the mod, and the spare now disappears when used;
- The default load of logs in the board is replaced by the load mod from the SnowRunner game.

Changes in model textures:
- Changed the color of the texture of the cockpit and frame, which resulted in cleaner cockpit windows. (the view from the cab is nicer!);
- Created missing textures and fixed incorrect textures.

KAZ 608 and Addons truck mod is made for MudRunner dirty game. He has a plug-in monodrive.

Download mod 1 | 79.1 MB Download mod 2 | 79.1 MB

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